Stranger Highjacks Piano In 5-Hand Performance At Disneyland And It’s Extraordinary To Watch

Watch their hands dance around each other in unison. Each finger has a job to press a key and create a sound that strings along the intricate melody. Their knees are bouncing, and their smiles are wide. These two entertainers know how to play for the audience, wowing everyone with their talent.

As if this duo didn’t already have their act together, what follows adds another element to an already spectacular performance. An outsider from the crowd nonchalantly walks up and starts playing with them – without a hitch. He sticks his hand in between theirs and instantly picks up right where they are.

What’s so noteworthy about this brilliant highjack is how candidly the man follows suit in something that has been so well rehearsed, so ingrained into Jonny and Johnny’s routine. And they didn’t break! No distraction, just undivided attention, and sheer talent. Five hands on a piano? These guys are unreal.

See it for yourself by clicking on the link below – it’s a total jaw-dropper.

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